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Registered Social Worker

Registered Social Worker


Kiran works with children aged 5 – 18; families, parents and caregivers. 

In Person:

Fridays 12:00pm-7:30pm


Thursdays 10:00 am – 3:30 pm


  • ADHD

  • ODD

  • OCD

  • FASD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • School Challenges

  • Trauma

  • Grief/Loss

  • Play Therapy

  • Parent Coaching and Support


Kiran is a Registered Social Worker with 25 years of experience in several clinical and community-based settings including most recently in outpatient mental health at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children and Youth.  She has a depth of experience in trauma-informed mental health approaches with neurodivergent and neurotypical children, youth and families.  Kiran believes that every individual and family is unique with inherent strengths and abilities and the capacity to heal and thrive.  She works with clients from a collaborative, engaging and strengths-based approach so that they may walk through life with a better understanding of themselves and the ways in which they can address challenges they are experiencing.  Through her skilled guidance and support, she helps her clients feel affirmed and empowered to find their way forward to their vision of positive well-being and quality of life.   

Kiran is a life-long learner continuously building upon her clinical skills in child and youth mental health.  In 2014, Kiran earned an Expressive Play Therapy Certificate by studying under renowned play therapist, Marie Jose´ Dhaese. She obtained a certificate in Cognitive Behavior Therapy in 2022; and is currently completing a certificate in Child and Youth Mental Health through Wilfrid Laurier University.  She has taken numerous trainings in:  EFFT (emotion-focused family therapy); EFT (emotionally focused therapy); DBT for Adolescents; and CPS (Ross Greene Collaborative Problem Solving).  She is also in the process of obtaining her RCSW  (Registered Clinical Social Worker) through the BC College of Social Workers.  

Kiran holds immense gratitude to be able to live and play on Vancouver Island and is a proud mom of two terrific teenaged children, a swimming Shi Tzu; and a gaggle of goldfish.

Specialized Trainings:

  • Do’s and Don’t’s of Working with Neurodivergent Clients

  • Neurodiversity Collective Workshops – Intellectual Disability, Autism & Neurodiversity-Affirmig Support & Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapy for Autistic Youth

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