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We Accept Autism Funding for Counselling Services

Note: You must first apply for AFU and receive a letter of approval before starting the counselling process with us

NOTE: All Autism funding clients must have a credit card on file for no-show or late cancelation fees because Autism Funding does not cover the cost of these sessions.


Autism Funding Policy

At The Neurodiversity Family Centre, we understand the importance of providing accessible and comprehensive support for individuals with Autism. To facilitate the process of utilizing Autism Funding (AFU) for our services, we have outlined a clear set of steps to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for our clients.


Please carefully follow the steps below once you've been approved for Autism Funding:

1. Practitioner Selection:
   - An approved family is free to choose their preferred practitioner for autism support.


2. Referral Form Submission:
   - Fill out the referral form here
   - Specify the chosen practitioner and indicate your intention to use Autism Funding for payment.

3. Approval Process:
   - Our intake coordinator will provide you with a pre-filled form for AFU approval.
   - Alternatively, you may download the form from our website and submit it through your Parental Portal for AFU for the fastest processing. Mailing or faxing options are also available.

4. AFU Consent Form:
   - Complete the NDFC's AFU consent form in Jane App to authorize the center to charge your credit card for no-shows, late cancellations, and in case AFU does not cover your sessions.

5. Submission of AFU Approval:
   - Submit a copy of your AFU approval letter to our intake coordinator.

6. Confirmation and Booking:
   - Once steps 1-5 are complete, our intake coordinator will then send you booking information for your practitioner.
   - Alternatively, you may choose to wait until the NDFC is added as an approved provider before booking your intake session.

7. Funding Approval Timeframe:
   - If AFU funding approval is not received within 8 weeks after your intake session, your credit card on file will be charged for all sessions that have occurred.
   - Refunds for those sessions are not guaranteed if AFU is approved after the 8-week period.

If you have any questions regarding AFU please go to their website or contact them directly as we are not able to provide any details on how the funding works, how to apply, etc. 


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