We Accept Autism Funding for Counselling

NOTE: All Autism funding clients must have a credit card on file for no-show or late cancelation fees because Autism Funding does not cover the cost of these sessions.

Clients are responsible for receiving pre-approval for sessions before sessions can begin.

Steps to set up ASD funding:

1) An approved family selects their preferred practitioner/counsellor. 

2) The family then fills out and sends the AFU a "request to pay" form with the name of the individual counsellor they have selected to work with. They need to request at minimum, enough funds for the first session at least, $140 for 50 minute individual intake or $216 for an 80 minute parental intake of two or more caregivers. However the family can direct more than that to the chosen practitioner and take back unused amounts at any time. 

3) The clinic waits for AFU's approval (Can take up to 6 weeks).

4) Once the AFU's approval letter (with a billing number) has been received by the counsellor and the family, then the family can book their first session at the centre. 

For more support with Autism Funding please direct all your questions to the government website.