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If you'd like to book a child, youth, adult or family counselling session with one of our practitioners please fill out the form below.


You do not need a formal diagnosis to work with our practitioners and we do not provide formal assessments, diagnosis, prescriptions or Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy.

#300 - 1627 Fort St,
Victoria BC
V8R 1B2

1 (778) 906-8626

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I understand that written consent is required from all of the legal guardians of children & youth 18 and under, and that I must submit a custody agreement if applicable
If you have extended medical coverage, who does it cover?
How do you prefer to receive services?
What Services Are you Looking to Receive?
Potential or official diagnosis of client

Thank you for contacting us. The appropriate member of our team will respond within 2-4 days.

Individual Contacts

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