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Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Cancellations can be done using the booking website prior to 24 hours. If you want to cancel your appointment within 24 hours you must contact your practitioner, however, you will be charged the full fee and be sent an invoice to your Email on file. We prefer a credit card be put on file in the case of a late cancellation or missed appointment.

Services We Offer: Text


Happy Young Girls


50 Minute Sessions:
$145 including GST for RCC
$140 for RSW
$50 including GST with a practicum student.

Youth ages 4+


A. Consent from all legal guardians is required for child & youth counselling services unless otherwise legally stated. We require a copy of custody/parent agreements when applicable.

B. Parent(s) are required to engage in a parental intake sessions prior to initiating counselling with a youth as well as follow-up parenting support sessions. 

Parent sessions help our practitioners get a fuller picture of what is going on for the youth, allow us time to address parent concerns and to share strategies in order to help youth and families in reaching their goals. 

For youth ages 5-10 we do require consistent parental engagement in counselling sessions (either 1:1 or family sessions).

For youth ages 11+ we recommend, at minimum, a parent engagement sessions every two to three months.

Family Picnic


50 Minute Sessions 1 Individual:

$145 including GST for RCC

$140 for RSW

$50 including GST with a practicum student.

50 Minute Sessions 2+ Individuals:

$165 including GST for RCC

$160 for RSW

$70 including GST with a practicum student.

80 Minute Intake Session with 2 or more caregivers:

$165 including GST for RCC

$140 for RSW

Parenting and personal support for individual caregivers of tweens, teens and young adults.

"You can't pour from an empty cup". Children need happy, healthy and stable caregivers to thrive.

Is it possible that your child's behaviours have something to do with your mental state?

Are you finding you have less patience and empathy for them and just wish they would listen?
Are you doing everything for everyone else and leaving your own needs by the wayside?

Our goal is to help you find patience, empathy and insight, both with yourself and with your youth, so that you can connect more authentically with your child and find more peace in your relationship. 

Happy Family


50 Minute Sessions 2 (+) Individuals:
$165 including GST for RCC
$160 for RSW
$70 including GST with a practicum student.

Your family's imperfections are what makes your family unique. That uniqueness is why it may be difficult to just "read a book" and know how to help your family through difficult times.

Our practitioners keep your family's uniqueness in mind and help to problem solve in order for you to connect with your children while giving them the support and space they need to grow in to healthy, happy and confident adults. 



50 Minute Sessions 1 Individual:
$145 including GST for RCC
$140 for RSW
$50 including GST with a practicum student.

We provide virtual and in-person counselling support for neurodivergent individuals as well as those dealing with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, addiction, chronic illness, trauma and more.

Take a look at our practitioners to see their specialty areas. 

Services We Offer: Services
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