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Refund Policy

Refund Policy: There are no refunds once the course has been purchased so please read the description carefully and decide for yourself if it's the right fit before purchasing.

The Basics of Neurodiversity: Through a neuroaffirming lense

Online Course, On Demand, At Your Own Pace

1 hour

Caregivers, Support Workers, Employers, Educators 

Level 1: Beginners Course

Cost: $99 (Including GST) 

Course Description:

Mary Klovance (BEd, MA, RCC, ADHD-CCSP, ADHD-CE) delivers an enlightening workshop on the basics of neurodiversity, designed to foster understanding and inclusion. This comprehensive session will cover:

- What is Neurodiversity?: Explore the concept of neurodiversity and its importance in recognizing and appreciating the range of human neurological differences.
- Understanding Neurodivergence: Learn what it means to be neurodivergent and about different common aspects.
- Neurodiversity Affirming Practices: Discover what it means to affirm neurodiversity and why it's crucial for creating inclusive environments.
- Types of Neurodivergence: Gain insights into various types of neurodivergence, including Autism, ADHD, and more, with a focus on their unique characteristics and strengths.
- Support Strategies: Equip yourself with practical strategies to support neurodivergent individuals at home, in educational settings, and in the workplace, fostering environments where everyone can thrive.

Whether you're a parent, educator, employer, or simply interested in learning more, this workshop will provide valuable knowledge and tools to support neurodivergent individuals in all areas of life. Join us to build a more inclusive and understanding community.

The Gifts of Neurodiversity: For parents of newly diagnosed children & teens

Online Course, On Demand, At Your Own Pace

Approximately 1 hour

School Aged Children

Level 1: Beginners Course

Cost: $50 (Including GST) 

Combine with Parenting Neurodiverse Youth Course, $85 for both

Course Description:
This introductory online course is delivered by Mary Klovance (BEd, MA, RCC, ADHD-CCSP, ADHD-CE)  and is designed for parents whose children have recently been diagnosed with neurodivergence, including autism, ADHD, or others. Our aim is to help you understand the unique strengths and abilities of your neurodivergent child while focusing on practical parenting skills you can use in order to feel better prepared to support them. 

What You'll Learn:

- Neurodiversity Affirming Support: Gain a clear understanding of neurodiversity and learn how to create an affirming and supportive environment that respects and celebrates your child's individuality.
- Parental Self-Care: Discover the importance of self-care and develop strategies to maintain your well-being while caring for your neurodivergent child.

- Adapting and Managing Expectations: Learn how to adjust your expectations and approach to parenting, ensuring they are realistic and supportive of your child's needs and happiness.

- Co and Self-Regulation: Explore techniques for both you and your child to manage emotions and behaviors, fostering a calm and balanced home environment.

By the end of this introductory course, you will feel more confident and empowered to support your neurodivergent child, ensuring they thrive and succeed in their unique way.

If you'd like to dive a bit deeper, we suggest you combine this course with our course Parenting Neurodiverse Youth: Social Emotional and Regulation Strategies. 

Parenting Neurodiverse Youth: Social Emotional and Regulation Strategies

Online Course, On Demand, At your own pace

Cost: $50 (Including GST) Per Family

Level 1: Beginners Course

Recommended for Ages 5-12 years old but is also applicable to teens

Combine with The Gifts of Neurodiversity for $85 total

Challenging behaviour is just the symptom of the problem--The child’s response to a trigger isn’t the issue, the reason they are triggered is the problem. All humans can become dysregulated when they are triggered and this workshop focuses on ways that adults can help children and adolescents move from a dysregulated state to a regulated one. Only when a child is regulated, can they both discuss and solve the problem together.

Join Mary Klovance, a school teacher, school counsellor and Registered Clinical Counsellor (B.A., B.Ed., M.A) and learn more about how you can support the unique child in your life.

In this Neurodiversity affirming workshop we will discuss the following:

- Building Resilience

- Elements of Social Emotional Skills

- Encouraging Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy

- How to Co-Regulate and support Self-Regulation

Included in this workshop is a FREE pdf file full of resources for you to use right away!

Take a look at what past participants had to say about this webinar:

"GREAT workshop. Easy to follow, and super do-able ways to grow a confident, self-assured kid. Thanks, teach. I tip my hat."

"Mary is engaging, the material was great and I learned a lot."

"Wish I had this info sooner in life!"

"Very relatable and real. Not best case scenarios real life moments and reactions."

"You had such a good vibe and it was really easy to be real as a participant! Your approach to sharing and discussing our kiddos with ADHD was very encouraging and empathetic!"

"I really enjoyed your casual demeanour, funny, easy to follow, even though a lot of your examples are school based (the one area she seems to be thriving in - for now) those examples were all transferrable to home use. Thank you so much for making your expertise available in such an affordable, real time accessible way. A great place for us to start!"

"It was a very informative presentation and leaves the participants with a lot to think about afterwards."

“Screen Time” & The Neurodivergent Brain: Modern Day Mental Health Considerations

Online Course, On Demand, At Your Own Pace

Approximately 90 minutes (6 short videos)

Includes content for all ages

Cost: $75 (Including GST) 


Is too much of your day spent in a power struggle with your child over screen time?

The world moves so fast, and many parents don’t feel equipped to guide their children through such a tech savvy environment. Join Kirsten Mueller (MSW RSW), parent, family therapist, and a thirty-year veteran in the field of Social Work, as she walks you through recent changes to “screen time”, and what it means for all of our brains – especially our neurodivergent children. How does screen time benefit our children? How does it hurt?

The struggle is real … so what can parents do?

At least half of this workshop will be devoted to concrete suggestions and strategies.

By the end of this course, you will have learned a three-step process to ending the power struggle and taking back your family life.

Included in this course:

- Screens are here to stay, so what are the positive and prosocial impacts of using screens?

- How are dopamine and stress levels related?

- What is the everyday reality of parenting a child who overuses screens?

- Learn strategies centre on ways to increase self-determination, so that children are better equipped to make healthy decisions around screens - Learn and reflect on how you can fill your child's "relatedness bucket".

- Increasing a sense of personal competency

- Learn how to allow for autonomy

- Learn how an increased sense of autonomy enable your child to manage their use of screens in a more balanced way?

- Reflect on your own use of screens and how that impacts your child

- Learn how to model balanced use of screens for our children.

Looking for a custom workshop or presentation?

Mary Klovance, Owner, RCC & Certified Teacher offers custom created workshops/presentations. To find out more click the link below. 

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Facebook Group for parents of children & youth who have ADHD who live in Vancouver Island

Facebook Parental Support Group for parents of children & youth who have ADHD who live in North America

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