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“Screen Time” & The Neurodivergent Brain: Modern Day Mental Health Considerations

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Online Course, On Demand, At Your Own Pace 90 minutes (broken into six shorter videos, for your convenience) Includes content for all ages Cost: $75 (Including GST) Is too much of your day spent in a power struggle with your child over screen time? The world moves so fast, and many parents don’t feel equipped to guide their children through such a tech savvy environment. Join Kirsten Mueller (MSW RSW), parent, family therapist, and a thirty-year veteran in the field of Social Work, as she walks you through recent changes to “screen time”, and what it means for all of our brains – especially our neurodivergent children. How does screen time benefit our children? How does it hurt? The struggle is real … so what can parents do? At least half of this workshop will be devoted to concrete suggestions and strategies. By the end of this course, you will have learned a three-step process to ending the power struggle and taking back your family life. Included in this course: - Screens are here to stay, so what are the positive and prosocial impacts of using screens? - How are dopamine and stress levels related? - What is the everyday reality of parenting a child who overuses screens? - Learn strategies centre on ways to increase self-determination, so that children are better equipped to make healthy decisions around screens. - Why is your child’s sense of connection, belonging, and relatedness the most important consideration in decreasing screen use? - How can you support your child’s sense of personal competency? - What does a sense of autonomy have to do with making balanced and healthy decisions? - How can you model balanced use of screens in your own life? How does your screen use impact your child?

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