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Social Emotional & Regulation Strategies Level 1

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Challenging behaviour is just the symptom of the problem--The child’s response to a trigger isn’t the issue, the reason they are triggered is the problem. All humans can become dysregulated when they are triggered and this workshop focuses on ways that adults can help children and adolescents move from a dysregulated state to a regulated one. Only when a child is regulated, can you move in to collaborative problem solving. Join Mary Klovance (MA, BEd, BA) an ADHD-Certified Educator, ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider, school teacher, school counsellor and Registered Clinical Counsellor to learn more about how you can support the unique child(ren) in your life. In this Neurodiversity affirming workshop we will discuss the following: In this workshop we will discuss the following: - What Neurodiversity Affirming support means - What Social Emotional Skills are and how to increase self-regulation skills within your child - The importance of Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy & how to help your child foster them - The basics of the co-regulation & self-regulation process - Areas of regulation - Strategies to help regulate in each area - The basics of what is and how to co-regulate with your child - Overview of the If... Then... plan - Relaxation Techniques - How to foster healthy problem solving & decision making skills Included in this workshop is a FREE pdf file full of resources for you to use right away!

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Social Emotional & Regulation Strategies Level 1

Social Emotional & Regulation Strategies Level 1

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