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Consulting & Public Speaking

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$160 (Including GST)

Mary can provide consulting services on the following topics:

  • Working with youth who struggle with addiction issues

  • Working with youth who struggle with aspects of their ADHD

  • Neurodiversity Affirming Care

  • Supporting Educators who work with neurodivergent students

  • Supporting Counsellors who work with neurodivergent persons



Price based on project scope

Mary enjoys speaking publicly on topics surrounding that focus on education, ADHD, Neurodiversity affirming care, addictions and challenging behaviours.



Prices based on project scope

Mary can both create and facilitate specialized workshops on the following topics:​

  • ADHD

  • Neurodiversity Affirming Care

  • Neurodiversity

  • Teaching Neurodiverse Youth

  • Parenting youth with addiction issues and/or ADHD

  • Parenting youth with challenging behaviours

  • Please contact for additional ideas

Consulting Services and Public Speaking: Services
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Online Public Speaking Event

Interview discussing how parents can support their child with ADHD.

Online Public Presentation

An online workshop created for the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and a guest focusing on parenting youth with ADHD.

Podcast Interview

In this episode:

  • Why the relationship with your child is the most important part of the whole process of labeling and diagnosing a neurodivergence.

  • Understanding the “Oppositional defiant disorder” (need for control and autonomy)

  • Mary’s favorite modalities to help understand and soothe what’s going on with your child

  • Advice on where you can find the best research tools for better understanding neurodivergence in children and adults

  • How our dopamine levels have a big impact on the way we see the world


Public Speaking Event for Staff & Students

Overview of Neurodiversity and Neurodiversity Affirming Education. Providing information about different types of Neurodiversities, how to differentiate teaching to support each type and open discussion about student's experiences.

Sonderly - Geneva Centre for Autism Online Course

The neurodiversity movement is successfully shifting perceptions of deficit-based stereotypes, but what exactly does neurodiversity mean? Presenter Mary Klovance discusses Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Giftedness and details the ways these differences overlap and intersect in children, youth and adults.   

Explore this important topic to find out more about neurodiverse individuals and ways to support inclusion and acceptance. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the term neurodiversity 

  • Describe qualities of neurodiversity 

  • Identify different types of neurodiversity 

  • Explain methods to support neurodiversity in various environments 

We interact with neurodiverse individuals in all aspects of our lives – at school, at home, and in the workplace. This presentation will help you better understand what it means to be neuro-affirming and how to apply this important concept in all your interactions.  

Consulting Services and Public Speaking: Projects
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