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I have not taken the course but love Kerry's newsletter and she said I could share the discount code with you all here too. Has anyone taken one of her courses before? Feedback? Here is what her Email said: Continue reading if your child has ever been labeled as "defiant."

Does your kid...

resist everyday tasks,

act "bossy" in play, or

tell you what to do all.the.time?

Do they...

throw fits,

act like an animal or character, or

get mysteriously sick or injured when you ask them do something?

Others might tell you...

"You need to be stricter!"

"You need to hold firmer boundaries!"

"Your kid is running the show!"

But when you follow their advice, things backfire BIG TIME 💥

If any of this rings true for your family, I have created a brand new masterclass with YOU in mind.

Kids who are "defiant" often have some significant challenges behind their resistance, and...

*spoiler alert* - holding firmer boundaries, enforcing consequences, and becoming stricter only fuels this behaviour.

If you want to understand where this defiance might be coming from and how to implement strategies in a way that actually works, my Intro to PDA Masterclass might be exactly what you've been waiting for.

Since you are a loyal reader I'd like to offer you a small gift - use my discount code 'pda' for 25% off at checkout :)

It includes:

  • what PDA or "defiance" is, and where it's coming from

  • what PDA looks like in kids

  • practical strategies that address what's actually going on

  • tangible steps that can allow your family to access more balance and calm in your home and beyond

Working with parents of PDAers and "defiant kids" is one of the most, if not the most, meaningful work that I do as a parent coach and therapist. These parents often feel like they are terrible parents when they are actually not even close -

they have a child with a reactive nervous system that needs specialized care.

Understanding defiance and PDA has been an absolute game-changer in my parenting journey. I hope you join me for this paradigm might offer you a new lens that will radically change how you see and support your kid.



This group is for parents of children (12 and under) with AD...


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